China and Russia team up to create deadly Iranian-like drone to blast Ukraine

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jul3,2024

Chinese and Russian companies have embarked on creating an attack drone reminiscent of Iran’s Shahed series, which has been actively used in combat against Ukraine.

According to Bloomberg, European officials familiar with the matter disclosed that talks between Chinese and Russian firms have centred on replicating the capabilities of the Iranian-made Shahed drone.

Although the specific drone in development was not named by officials, Chinese defence websites and various media sources have reported on China’s efforts to develop a kamikaze-style attack drone dubbed the Sunflower 200, which shares similarities with the Shahed 136.

The discussions between the companies reportedly began in 2023, aiming to produce a drone model for deployment in Russia by this year. However, officials caution that Chinese drones have not yet been used in the Ukrainian conflict.

Concerns have arisen among certain countries about potentially crossing ethical boundaries by supplying Russia with such advanced drone technology.

Notably, officials underscored that the transfer of attack drones could be interpreted as lethal aid, a sensitive issue drawing international scrutiny.

An individual briefed on the matter revealed that the United States is closely monitoring China’s intentions, assessing whether the country will provide fully assembled UAVs or kits for assembling strike drones.

Despite ongoing evaluations, US authorities have not definitively concluded that China’s actions constitute direct lethal support to Russia.

Earlier this year, China provided military-related resources to Russia, including satellite imagery and critical components for tanks, further complicating the geopolitical landscape amid the Ukraine conflict.

As tensions persist, the development of such advanced drone capabilities underscores evolving dynamics in global defence strategies, potentially reshaping the contours of modern warfare.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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