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‘Bollard Man’ reportedly offered permanent residency after Bondi Junction bravery

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell May16,2024
The French citizen dubbed ‘Bollard Man’ for his bravery during the Bondi Junction attack has been offered permanent residency, according to lawyer Belinda Robinson.
An online petition calling for Damien Guerot to be granted Australian citizenship was started after he confronted at Westfield Bondi Junction on Saturday in an effort to protect others.

Immigration Minister Andrew Giles told SBS News that he had asked his department to look into visa options for the construction worker.

“Mr Guerot’s extraordinary bravery is an example of the character we all want to see in our society,” Giles said in a statement on Tuesday.
“We thank Mr Guerot as well as other members of the public, our heroic police officers and first responders who have helped protect others from danger.”
Earlier on Tuesday, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese praised Guerot’s “extraordinary bravery”, saying .

“I say this to Damien — who is dealing with his visa applications — that you are welcome here, you are welcome to stay for as long as you like,” he told reporters.

Robinson, who started the online petition, said the Frenchman had been contacted on Tuesday afternoon and told he would be granted permanent residency.
“He got a call from immigration and the prime minister said that he can’t give him citizenship, but we’ll give him permanent residency,” she told SBS News.

“We’re just waiting to hear back when that’s going to become official.”

A man at the top of an escalator holding up a bollard as a man with a knife approaches

A still from a video showing Damien Guerot confronting Joel Cauchi with a bollard at the Bondi Junction shopping centre on Saturday. Source: Twitter

Robinson said Gureot was “really happy” with the outcome.

“He said in his words, ‘That’s already amazing news’,” she said.
“I think he means in itself that permanent residency is amazing … that he would even be able to get that.
“He’s stoked. I think he’s just such a humble guy that I think he totally didn’t expect anything.”
when Cauchi went on a stabbing rampage in the shopping centre.
Several others were injured before the 40-year-old was shot dead by police inspector Amy Scott.
Guerot was among those who leapt to the aid of strangers, with footage of him confronting Cauchi on an escalator with a bollard going viral on social media and earning him the title “Bollard Man”.
Before starting the petition, Robinson said she and Gureot were “total strangers”.
“Now we’ve been talking every day and I’ve obviously offered to help him in any way that I can because I’m a lawyer,” she said.
“I just let him know that I will act for him pro bono if he needs anything at all. I will help him to complete any paperwork or applications or anything that he needs.

“He’s done something so good, so I think it’s so important to keep passing on the good and the positivity.”

Robinson said it was “really heartwarming” how rapidly support for Gureot’s case had gained momentum.
“The internet’s so amazing now how just within days a message can be spread so quickly,” she said.
“It’s so good to see something happy come out of such a horrible event.

“It couldn’t happen to a better person. He deserves it so much.”

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2 thoughts on “‘Bollard Man’ reportedly offered permanent residency after Bondi Junction bravery”
  1. As a supporter of immigration, I believe it’s heartwarming to see Damien Guerot’s bravery being recognized with the offer of permanent residency. It’s a testament to the values of our society.

  2. As a fellow citizen, I believe that Damien Guerot’s bravery deserves recognition and support. It is heartening to see him being offered permanent residency; his actions truly embody the values we cherish in our society.

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