Barbaric Putin displays captured UK and US tanks as trophies in Moscow

Emily Hudson By Emily Hudson Jun7,2024

Vladimir Putin has organised a display of British and American military vehicles captured from the frontline in Ukraine. The fleet of tanks and armoured vehicles form part of a display in Moscow with captured equipment bearing the British, German, and Ukrainian flags.

The display reportedly includes one of Germany’s Leopard tanks and a British Saxon armoured personnel carrier, and are being used to promote Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine.

Alongside the vehicles are a series of banners promoting the conflict describing the display as celebrating Russia’s success against Ukraine and “Western supporters”. The Mail reported that the red banners next to the month-long exhibition said: “Our victory is inevitable.”

Also included in the open-air museum is equipment from several allied countries including France, Finland, South Africa, Turkey, Sweden, and Czechia.

This isn’t the first time Russia has displayed military vehicles captured from Ukraine with a similar display occurring last year ahead of the country’s annual military parade through Red Square.

It comes after Ukrainian military commanders revealed that Ukraine was coming up against fierce resistance in eastern regions of the country. Ukraine’s commander-in-chief Oleksandr Syrskyi admitted that the situation had “worsened” for soldiers in the Donetsk region.

Writing on social media network Telegram, he said: “The situation at the front has worsened.” He added that Russian forces had achieved “tactical successes in some sectors”.

General Syrskyi’s comments were made in the wake of the USA approving £49bn worth of aid to Ukraine after it was delayed when it was making its way through Congress. It will now head to the Senate which is expected to approve a deal President Volodymyr Zelensky described as “vital”.

President Zelensky said: “Frontline air defence is as crucial as the protection of our cities and villages. Our long-range capabilities. Our artillery. Our ability to expand the area of our control. Every day is important now.”

USA’s £49bn aid deal to Ukraine follows the UK’s £500m contribution to Ukraine announced earlier this month.

As part of the package, the Ministry of Defence will send 60 boats, maritime guns, 1,600 air defence and strike missiles, alongside more than 400 military vehicles.

In a statement, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: “Defending Ukraine against Russia’s brutal ambitions is vital for our security and for all of Europe. If Putin is allowed to succeed in this war of aggression, he will not stop at the Polish border.”

Defence Secretary Grant Shapps said: “The UK was the first to provide NLAW missiles, the first to give modern tanks and the first to send long-range missiles.

“Now, we are going even further. We will never let the world forget the existential battle Ukraine is fighting, and with our enduring support, they will win.”

Emily Hudson

By Emily Hudson

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2 thoughts on “Barbaric Putin displays captured UK and US tanks as trophies in Moscow”
  1. It’s truly disturbing to see Putin parading captured tanks as trophies. This display only serves to glorify aggression and fuel further tensions in the already volatile region. The international community must come together to condemn such provocative actions.

  2. Why is Putin showcasing these captured tanks as trophies? What message is he trying to send with this display?

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