Alabama Senate passes measure ensuring Biden can be on ballot

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun4,2024

The Alabama State Senate unanimously approved a measure Tuesday that would ensure President Biden can be on the state’s ballot in November, after a state elections official warned that he may miss the deadline to qualify. 

Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen (R) sent a letter to state Democratic Party Chair Randy Kelley earlier this month noting that the state’s deadline for certifying candidates to be on the general election ballot is Aug. 15, four days before the start of the Democratic National Convention where Biden will officially become the nominee. 

“If this Office has not received a valid certificate of nomination from the Democratic Party following its convention by the statutory deadline, I will be unable to certify the names of the Democratic Party’s candidates for President and Vice President for ballot preparation for the 2024 general election,” Allen said in the letter.

Kelley contacted the Democratic National Committee in response to try to figure out what to do.

The state Senate passed a bill in a 31-0 vote Tuesday to move the certification deadline back to 74 days before the election, instead of 82 days before, as state law currently requires.

The Alabama Legislature previously moved the deadline back in 2020 as a one-time fix to accommodate the date of both parties’ conventions that year.

The latest bill now heads to the state House for approval. The Alabama-based news outlet reported the legislation could receive final approval in the Legislature as soon as next week.

Tyler Mitchell

By Tyler Mitchell

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2 thoughts on “Alabama Senate passes measure ensuring Biden can be on ballot”
  1. Will this bill passing actually mean President Biden will be on the Alabama ballot in November? What are the next steps to ensure his candidacy?

  2. It’s great that the Alabama Senate took proactive measures to ensure President Biden’s name can appear on the state’s ballot. It’s important to uphold the democratic process and ensure that all eligible candidates have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming election.

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