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Get to Know the Coolest Teen Tycoons: Rich Kids Shaking Things Up!

Tyler Mitchell By Tyler Mitchell Jun2,2024

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (KSWB/KUSI) — There are 2,781 names on the World’s Billionaires List for 2024, according to Forbes, and the youngest of the richest were born into wealth.

But who are these teenage billionaires and what empires are behind their names?

Below are the two youngest people on Forbes’ list — and the only ones under 20 years old.

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Clemente Del Vecchio

Del Vecchio, 19, owes his net worth to his father Leonardo Del Vecchio, the founder of EssilorLuxottica, the world’s largest producer and retailer of glasses and frames. The younger Del Vecchio currently owns a 12.5% stake in Delfin, a Luxembourg-based holding company, which he inherited upon his father’s death in 2022.

Delfin also owns shares in other large companies, including multiple banks.

Clemente was at one time the world’s youngest billionaire (at the age of 18), but he has since aged out of that title, which is now held by Livia Voigt.

Livia Voigt

Voigt, 19, is the leading shareholder of WEG Industries, a Brazil-based manufacturer of electric motors, according to Forbes. Her grandfather, Werner Ricardo Voigt, cofounded WEG in 1961.

Forbes’ profile of Voigt says she’s currently a student, and has no active role in the company.

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Including Del Vecchio and Voigt, Forbes determined there to be 25 billionaires on the 2024 list ages 33 or younger, with a combined net worth of $110 billion. Very few, however, were self-made, aside from a handful over the age of 30, Forbes estimated.

A complete list of the youngest billionaires on Forbes’ list, and more on the methodology used to calculate their worth, can be found at Forbes’ official site.

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By Tyler Mitchell

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  1. Wow, fascinating read! But do these teen tycoons face any challenges unique to their age as they shake up the business world?

  2. It’s incredible to see these young talents making a mark in the business world at such a tender age. Their success stories are truly inspiring, and it’s fascinating to know the empires they are building with their inherited wealth.

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