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No Bars Training

NO BARS is a comprehensive and flexible training package and change-management package that can be tailored and delivered to your specific service requirements. This training is free to members of the Network of Alcohol and other Drug Agencies (NADA).

NO BARS training includes:

  • An overview of the criminal justice system in NSW.
  • An understanding of the issues facing people incarcerated in NSW.
  • An exploration of the challenges faced in working with this group and how to overcome these challenges.
  • An optional facilitator led process to assist with organisational change management strategies for best practice service with criminal justice clients.

NO BARS training offers:

  • Three training package options offered over a period of one to two days, depending on your organisational needs.
  • A pre training interview with the facilitator will assist you in selecting the right training package for your service.
  • Training delivered at your service or a nearby venue throughout NSW and the ACT

NO BARS training facilitators: Community Restorative Centre (CRC)

CRC is a community organisation dedicated to supporting people affected by the criminal justice system, particularly prisoners, ex-prisoners, their families and friends. Staff offer assistance such as counselling, accommodation, a transport service, court support, mentoring programs, outreach to prisons, information, advice and referrals. CRC address issues that can put people at risk of crime, such as drug and alcohol dependence, homelessness, unemployment and social exclusion. CRC provides specialised training to organisations, government departments and community workers engaged in supporting or work with post release prisoners and families of prisoners.

NO BARS training feedback

Over 250 drug and alcohol workers in NSW NGOs have participated in NO BARS training.

"I feel more in touch with what people from prison may experience upon arrival at rehab and what I can do to help during that transition and ongoing AOD treatment."


"The workshop training was excellent, as was the facilitator who gave us plenty of time for questions and answers."

If you would like to book NO BARS training or find out more, please contact:

CRC on 9288 8700 or info@crcnsw.org.au
NADA on 9698 8669 or heidi@nada.org.au

NO BARS is a NADA and CRC Partnership Project
Funded by NSW Health through the Illicit Drug Diversion Initiative

"Thank you. I really got a lot out of your presentation. It changed my viewpoint about things. I used to think people out of prison were given oodles of help and support but today taught me that the opposite is true and they are left to their own devices. It must be so disheartening."